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  cast stone fireplace surrounds and sculpted wall murals                                                                              

Custom Cast Stone Fire Surrounds Commissioned by Clients 

Custom Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds by Garnet Studio, Edmonton area and Alberta

Below are examples of the Custom Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds that we have created for clients in the Edmonton, Alberta area.  We have created very intricate sculpted pieces to the simple, less ornate.  Our Custom Cast Stone and Concrete Fire Surrounds are a "one of" and are never duplicated.  This is our guarantee to our customer.  Their cast stone fireplace surround will be a unique work of Art and guaranteed never to be duplicated by Garnet Studio.  

Take a peek below…..

"Book of Secrets"


Custom Cast Stone Fireplace Surround.
This cast stone fireplace surround  has four full figures, more than two dozen sculpted heads and double sided heads.   The piece reflects the artistic expression of humanity, our ignorance and our awakedness when we learn and become aware.  Thus, the name, Book of Secrets.  Featured in "Builder Magazine", The Edmonton Journal, and numerous other publications.

"Book of Secrets" by Garnet Studio

This Custom Cast Stone Fireplace Surround was created for a builder who wanted something unique and original.  This two sided piece took three months to create for homebuilder "Mosaic Homes" from the Edmonton area.

Parts of this piece were sculpted onsite, much the same way that we create our architecturally sculpted murals.  

"Sea Horses"

Jackfish Lake


Weathered Stone

Originally finished in a  "Rusted Metal" finish to look like
water rusted piece from a ship.  Refinished in a lighter colour to bring more light to the room.  

Sea Horses -  close up of top mantel front



Trish and Gary 2005

Dark Stone Finish

Completed without top section and then 

added later to create more drama on a very high wall.

Trish, Gary and Family had a real love of the "Harry Potter" movies and wanted a

fire surround that was " something of the Gothic  or Medieval type, kind of like an old castle feel to it"  Trish

Trish and Gary



Egg and Dart


Egg and Dart for Vinge Residence

Cast Solid with egg and dart decoration 

Light Stone Finish, Cast Solid 

"Ars Longa Vita Brevis"


Dark rust patina finish

The Latin words, "Ars Longa Vita Brevis" mean "Art is forever, Life is Short".  




Ellis Cast Stone Fireplace Surround

 Lion heads and Ellis coat of arms.  

Home built by Birkholz Homes, Edmonton, Alberta

The Ellis' were married in front of this Fire Surround in their New Home.  

It features two lion heads on either side and the Ellis family Coat of Arms in the centre above the Firebox.  

"Calla Lillies"

Birkholz Showhome

Pewter Finish with Nail Studding and Calla Lillies



Weathered stone (Gray Brown)

Simple Design with raised hearth

"Esto Perpetua Ex Animo"


Weathered Stone


Custom Wall Mural

8 feet by 8 feet

Sculpted  Stone and Concrete  Mural



"Sam Abouhassam"


left - living room

right - family room

"Mother Nature"

 Custom 1990

Our first Fire Surround for our own home.
We needed a mantel and having just graduated from the U of A with a degree in Art and Design,  With a background in sculpture, I experimented with various products, most of them cementious and developed a way to sculpt the concrete.  Our sculpting mediums have evolved since this time, and we no longer cast our pieces as solid units.  We also use a new product that has a pure white colour with the ability to add colour, resulting in practically any possible finish.

Detail from "Mother Nature"

She is a symbol for life giving you all of the abundance that life has to offer.  Filled with the fruits of the Earth, and welcoming visitors to our house to share and enjoy the fruits of life.